Frequently Asked Questions

We work hard to keep ammo in stock and available. However, the market doesn’t allow us to make every caliber, all the time. We will always keep 380, 9mm, 40S&W, 223 REM, and 308 WIN in stock in the Stainless case. That is because we are making those cases. Everything else depends on other suppliers. That is why we are making this club, to add more calibers and integrate more and more products into our lines. 5.7×28 and 45 AUTO are already in the works. Everything is to give our members the best ammunition they can buy without the fear of running out.

Ammunition will ship on your assigned date the following month.  We service everyone monthly, so you may sign up on the 1st, but your ship date isn’t until the 15th.  Your order will ship on the ship date we assign to you.  We do this to help us regulate the amount of shipments on a given day to help provide the best customer service experience possible.

Being a member you are committing to 5 boxes every month. They are packaged 20 to a box in most calibers, with a few exceptions that are 10 to to a box. The boxes are what counts. You can buy up to 50 boxes per month, but we always guarantee every member the minimum of 5 boxes monthly.

Components do not count as part of the minimum purchase of 5 boxes of ammunition per month.

If you forget to order ammunition prior to the 20th of the month, we will ship you 5 boxes of 9mm in its place. We pick what 5 boxes we ship to you. You will be billed accordingly.

We run everything at least once a year. Rounds for hunting in our Triad bullets will be available closer to deer season. Pistol rounds and self defense calibers are ran all year long. 30-30 is a good example of this. We run it seasonally for our members that love to hunt. We may run some early as well to help everyone have a chance at the ammunition. Speciality rounds are produced in small lots all year, such as the 45-70, or 450 Bushmaster.

When the ammunition is produced in a caliber, say 270 Winchester, an e-mail goes out letting our members know how many boxes are available. Then, it is up to the member to get that order placed for their monthly delivery. It is sold on a first come, first serve basis.

You do not have to be a member to purchase ammunition or components.  Membership gives you a guaranteed amount every month, but is not mandatory.

Memberships are opened up as our capacity is increased. Remember, we guarantee you
ammunition, so we limit how many people can join. The people on the waiting list are notified
when memberships are available. Then, the first people to join get the slots. If you mis the
opportunity to become a member, you stay on the list and will be notified as memberships
open back up.

No. All ammunition must be shipped to you. Pickups are not allowed. You pay the standard
UPS shipping rates unless otherwise noted.

No. You are eligible to win a hunt one time. We give one hunt away for every thousand
members. We want everyone to have a chance for those experiences

Manage your payments, addresses, and contact information from the My Account tab at the top right corner of the screen.

First, you must register with a user name, e-mail address and password.  This will give you access to the menu located under the My Account Tab.   Under My account, select “Click Here to Join AAC”.  That will put the subscription in a cart and walk you right through the checkout process.  After that, you can start creating your orders for the monthly membership.  You only order once a month prior to the 20th of the month for the next month’s order.  If you have problems with the cart, we have found that switching to a different internet browser typically resolves this issue.  We are working hard to make the changes to improve the membership experience and flow throughout the website.