America’s Ammo Club

Join AAC from now until April 1st 2023 to receive one free box of NovX 9mm every month for the first three months you're a member.

Our Members

  • Are concerned about always having access to cartridges
  • Are protecting their families for the future
  • Want to help build manufacturing capacity of the calibers they need and want
  • Want to help increase production of powder and primers so that they can buy ammo as needed
  • Want guaranteed ability to purchase ammunition
  • Want to increase a guaranteed supply of ammunition for everyone
  • Want the ability to influence what calibers are manufactured
  • Want direct access to powder and primers in the future
  • Membership is $14.99 per month
  • Membership guarantees the minimum required purchase of 5 boxes per month to always be available

Membership Benefits

  • Drawings for hunts
    • We draw one hunt for every thousand members
    • Hunts are here in the United States
  • Giveaways
  • Special blogs and meetings
  • Access to primers and powders as the become available
  • Exclusive access videos and discussion regarding ammunition, training and shooting

Why Join

America’s Ammo Club isn’t here to just sell the best ammunition in the world, it’s here to provide a service. More importantly, it’s here to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. It comes from our Bill of Rights as a nation. The core and founding principles that all persons living in the United States is guaranteed, but must be guarded. Being an American citizen means being free, having choice, and to not live under tyranny or oppression. One of the key pieces to ensure this in our rights is the 2nd Amendment which states “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. This is constantly under attack from people who would love to see all the firearms removed from every household in America.

History has taught us that nothing good happens when the firearms are removed. Do you really think a criminal will walk up and turn in their firearms if they were outlawed today? Do you think you are more safe and secure walking down the street knowing that you can’t own a firearm, but the criminal around the corner has one in their pocket? It does’t make any sense and it’s not rational to think that a true criminal, one that by their very nature doesn’t abide by the law wouldn’t love to know that they are free to break into your home, robe your business, or attack you walking down the street without the fear of being shot. That’s what removing the firearms from this country would do, make us all less safe.

So, by the Bill of Rights, our firearms are protected. The problem is becoming that firearms aren’t the issue it’s our ammunition. Why did the shelves go dry of ammunition in 2020? Simple, there were so many new gun owners that demand couldn’t keep up. But why couldn’t it? There is a larger problem, most ammunition that you buy on the shelves isn’t a bunch of different small companies fighting for your business, it’s coming down to just two. Over the past 20 years powder companies have all merged together. Primer manufactures are all being bought up. One of the biggest Remington went into bankruptcy. When it was sold off pieces went to several different companies, but in the end the large ones just keep scooping up all the smaller ones. That matters because all the large ones have government contracts to supply ammunition. When you have those contracts, you have to service them first. When the United States Government wants a few hundred million rounds of ammunition and you are the supplier, your production goes to them, not the markets where we can buy ammunition.

That’s were AAC comes in. We guarantee your ammunition every month delivered to your door step. The small monthly fee allows up to secure larger quantities of primers, powder, bullets, and cases to manufacture the best ammunition possible. Long term, it raises the capital to expand and offer more product lines and make more ammunition available to everyone. That ensures your Right to Bear Arms. A firearm is not much more than an expensive paperweight without the ammunition to put through it. Help us ensure our rights and protect our liberties by joining AAC.